Hey you! What’s good?


It literally feels like forever since we’ve talked. I know, I know, I’ve been busy too and sometimes it’s great to take a break to re-evaluate what’s important and spend time with loved ones during the holidays and all but I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!

So; what are you up to this Sunday?

You’re not sure?

Well, allow me to take away your fears of finding something to do, kittens, as I have an extremely awesome event to satiate your thirsts/stomachs.

THIS SUNDAY, during our normal business hours, we’re being TAKEN OVER! This takeover has a Louisiana swing to it as it’s a CAJUN TAKEOVER. Toby Rodriguez of Television fame will be manning our kitchen to serve you, the good people of the Yukon (we are not located in the Yukon; I’m fully aware of this), his signature Cajun cooking. Man, it’s really hard not to use exclamation points right now. Literally, that’s what’s happening. Toby will be preparing the most authentic Cajun cuisine your little mouths can handle. He’s from Cajun country and we’re not so we’re going to crank the heat in the kitchen to make it a little more like home for him.

If that’s not enough, there’s MORE!

Katie Trautz has asked two different groups of musicians (Kick em Jenny and the Revelers) to play while you’re all dining. The whole place is going to be transported to the Bayou. If that’s not enough enticement, we’re actually donating 10% of these food sales to the Summit School in Montpelier. The Summit School teaches more than just music; it literally acts as a messenger of tradition. It’s a fantastic member of our community and we’re uber-excited to be a part of this Spice on Snow Festival. To learn more about it, just go here: http://summitschool.wix.com/summitschool


Take a breath. Ok. I’m not telling you, I’m telling me. I literally (I’m bringing back the word literally – ‘cause it’s oft overused or misused) held my breath while I wrote the aforementioned. And, now you see what I did there. Because I didn’t “literally” hold my breath the entire time, it just felt like that.


On to BEER!


Here’s what we’ll have on or what’s coming on tap for your libational pleasure:


Hill Farmstead Motueka – you know, just another single hop pale ale from our friends up in Greensboro. Nothing to see here, move along.

Lost Nation Petite Ardennes – a rustic saison from the Ville of Morris. Beautifully reminiscent of eating camembert in a French countryside while dreaming of clocks while you watch that cheese melt. Hey, it worked for Dali, right?

Zero Gravity Tmave 13 – a fantastic Czech Dark Lager that drove my mind straight back to my time in the Eastern European countries, complete with the image of that bar on the side of a mountain where you say to yourself “how do they get the kegs up here, there’s no roads?” And then a guy that’s as big a human as you’ve ever seen walks by you with a keg strapped to his back and then you’re all like, “oh…that’s how.”

Hill Farmstead Abner – I, personally, am going to lug this keg on my back from the cooler to behind the bar and then we’re going to tap it and I’m going to pretend that I’m as big a human as I’ve ever seen. It’s a double IPA, from Hill Farmstead. You might have heard of it.

Trapp Trosten – a fantastic Schwarzbier (black lager) from the section of Vermont where the hills are always alive.

And, if you act like a ninja, you might be able to get some of the last pours of Double Sunshine that we have left. That is, if you’re a ninja.


That’s about all I have for you this week kittens. So, we’ll see you here today, tomorrow and more specifically Sunday (from 12-5) for our Cajun Transformation!!! (unnecessary exclamation points, I know. But we’re excited and there’s a time and a place for everything)






My Cajun Name Would be Beauregard Louviere (I literally just looked that up)