Our Pledge

At Three Penny Taproom we acknowledge the need for a realization & awareness of how our daily routines & practices impact the world around us. We pledge to continue to build upon our environmentally conscientious purchasing & practices. We also pledge to consider and buy energy efficient equipment when feasible. Finally, we pledge to educate our staff & guests on our efforts to reduce our business footprint and inspire others to adapt these practices in order to help preserve and restore the world around us.
— Three Penny Team

Our Products & PRACTICES

We purchase a wide variety of products that are Green-Certified that we use in our daily operations to help do our part. Such products include:

-Greenware Disposable Cups & portioning containers
-Green Wave To-Go Boxes & Utensils
-In house printing is done on paper composed of 30% recycled material & printed with ink cartridges that have been re-used
-EcoLab Green Dishwashing / Cleaning chemicals
-Certified Green Kleenex Hand-soap
-We are partnered with Quill Farm for our Compost Program and Black Bear Bio-Diesel for our Fryer Oil

-As of Spring 2018 we have moved to using straws only upon request

Our efforts are ever on going and will continually build upon the base we have started.